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Should I take Coenzyme Q10?

I have been taking vitamin D3 for the past 6 months and have not seen any effect whatsoever. To be honest, it’s partially my fault for not taking it consistently. Recently, I’ve read about the benefits of CoQ10 and was wondering if I should start taking these supplements too. CoQ10 has been linked to all sorts of good things including better skin, improved fertility, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure, and so on.

Given my track record of not sticking to ANY schedule of pill-taking, I am very reluctant to take on yet another supplement that’s probably going to go bad because I didn’t take it consistently enough to finish a bottle before expiry. Also, there’s a flip side to everything and the same goes for this pill, apparently there are some side effects associated with Coenzyme Q10 although these are pretty mild and only a very small percentage of people suffer from it.

According to the CoQ10 Guide, this ‘vitamin’ is essential for the workings of our body but we do not get/make enough of it after 40. I’m nearly that age now so it could be a good idea to start taking it — I really need to remember to take my supplements in the morning :(

I will do the following:

  • Get myself a trial bottle of the Coenzyme Q10 pills
  • Set alarms to remind myself to take the pills
  • Get DH to take the pills too — he’s much better at sticking to things and he could remind me as well

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